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Hackathon Process

  • Call for Application

Application for Redemption Camp Smart City Hackathon opens 1st of November 2021 and closes 14th November 2021. The challenge has different categories and applicants must ensure they indicate the category in which they will be participating. Individual and Team applications are welcomed. A team should be made up of a minimum of 3 individuals and a maximum of 5 individuals. You can apply to be part of the hackathon as an individual or as a team.

  • Pre-Hackathon Live Webinar

A virtual discussion session focused on Kingdom Hack, previous events and Redemption Camp Smart City Hackathon. This webinar will hold on the 8th of November 2021.

  • Announcement of Selected Teams

Applicants who meet the Redemption Camp Smart City Hackathon criteria will be selected to participate in the Hackathon. The selection will be carried out after the close of application. Selection and announcement of Teams will take place on the 15th of November 2021.

  • Live Virtual Seminar and Hackathon Briefing Session

Selected teams will be invited to participate in a compulsory live briefing session on the 17th of November 2021. The aim of the session is to enable teams gain better clarity about the challenge, especially, the categories. During the session, the hackathon theme and focus will be discussed by subject matter experts and more details of the hackathon will be shared. There will also be an interactive session for teams to ask questions about the challenge.
Note: Failure by any team to attend the briefing session will lead to automatic disqualification and subsequent replacement with another team on the waitlist.

  • Team – Mentor pairing

Mentors will be assigned to teams to provide teams with expert support and guidance through the solution development stage, each team will be assigned a mentor on the 15th of November, 2021. The mentors will be playing an advisory role throughout your participation in the challenge.

  • Solution Development

Each team will have a minimum of 2 weeks, from the 19th of November to the 6th of December, 2021 to develop and submit a solution. Teams can make use of any programming language, open-source platform, APIs, design and development tools in the development of a solution.

  • City Tour

Opportunity will be made available for interested teams to tour Redemption Camp for research and other purposes between 22nd and 25th November 2021. Teams will have to schedule the tour by reaching out to the organizers. Terms and conditions apply here.

  • Submission of Solution

The deadline for solution submission is the 6th of December, 2021. Each team is required to submit a testable prototype with little or basic UI/UX, proper documentation of the solution and a recorded pitch and demo video.

  • Announcement of finalists

Announcement of top-ranked teams in each category will be made after the close of the solution submission rounds. This will take place on the 13th of November 2021. Successful teams will be subsequently invited to the final pitch and award ceremony.

  • Final pitch and award ceremony

Top-ranked teams in each category from the hackathon will be invited to pitch and demonstrate their solutions to a live audience and a panel of judges on the 18th of November, 2021. The top-ranked from each category from the hackathon will be awarded prizes.

  • Post event

Details of this will be announced to winners after the award ceremony